Best Ways to Clean after a Renovation

You just had a bathroom renovation. In case you’re thinking of getting one, go to website for folks who can give you a good deal and a better bathroom.

Anyway, you just had a renovation done. The crew cleaned up after themselves a little, so the debris is out of the way, and you can use the room. However, just because there’s no more debris doesn’t mean that your new bathroom is clean. If a bathroom isn’t clean, that’s troubling.

Well, here’s a reliable procedure to follow for this sort of situation. The best part is that the process is general so that you can use it in any room in the house, not just the bathroom.

First, let’s consider hiring someone to handle the cleaning for you.

Getting professionals on the job is an excellent way to make the whole thing a lot easier. Arranging for a post-construction clean up is a good move, but also one you want to do before the work begins. While you can find one yourself, the contractor might have someone they recommend or work with.

The problem here is that this is not cheap. Depending on where you are and how extensive the project was, you could be looking at a fairly sizable bill. If that’s not something you want to handle, you have the option of cleaning things up yourself.

If you decide to handle the cleaning yourself, here are all the things you need to keep in mind or do.

You’ll want bins or containers that can handle whatever you find. That means tough storage, but also with a lot of space. Sometimes, regular trash bags just won’t cut it.

You’ll have to do a sweep and vacuum of all surfaces. This includes the walls and ceilings because you never know what might be there. The floors will need disinfecting too.

Vacuum all your upholstery. Even if they were nowhere near the bathroom, dust and such could fly around. You’ll want to be sure to get everything.

Knobs, baseboards, hardware, and doors all need a wipe down. Be thorough about it, especially in the areas that got a renovation. In the kitchen and bathroom, things like counters and cabinets will need extra attention.

You’ll want to dust and vacuum all interior windows, along with their sills and frames. Wipe them down after that, just to be sure.

If your home has any ducts, grates, vents, ceiling fans, and light fixtures, dust them. You’d be surprised at how easily dust can get into those places or how quickly you can forget they’re there.

If anything in your home has hinges or handles, clean those thoroughly. Dust and small debris also tend to find its way into those, and people tend to forget. Do the same for shelves and cabinets, both the insides and outsides.

Removal any remaining trash or debris. Crews will get rid of the big stuff, but sometimes they’ll forget to clean out smaller things. You might not notice these yourself until later on unless you do a sweep right away.

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