Talk about Green accommodations

More and more people are deciding that green is the way to go. We’ve only got the one planet – right now, at least – and we need to take better care of it. Most people like to focus on how they can reduce their impact, and that’s admirable.


What’s even more admirable is when a business decides to take a cut to its profits in the name of a greener, cleaner operation. In particular, the hotel industry is slowly turning more and more green in the way it does things.


We should know. We supply cleaning products and services to a number of them.


This is great news for folks who are looking for an environmentally-friendly place to stay Perth CBD! WA Stay is a client of ours, and they use green-certified cleaning products on all their properties.


These guys have some very nice rental properties. I’ve seen some of them personally. Most are relaxed and cosy, and the ones I’ve seen had great views. We provide them with cleaning materials, so we know that part of the business is planet-friendly.


I usually recommend them to my friends who are looking for something other than a hotel to stay in. Their properties are great alternatives, particularly if you want to feel like you’re at home even when you’re in another city entirely.


Now, you might be wondering if this means they cost more. After all, isn’t that the stereotype? The more environmentally-sound the practices are, the more expensive that business becomes.


Interestingly enough, this isn’t true. When someone says a company is green, it tends to have a double meaning. On the one hand, you’ve got practices that minimise harm to the environment. On the other hand, the company is also raking in more profits.


Allow me to explain.


First, you’ve got energy-efficient devices. These are things like lights, climate control systems, and appliances. They seem to cost more at the start, but consider the money you save on utility bills in the long term. That money not being spent paying for electricity goes right into the profit margins.


Similarly, water not being wasted is also good for the money. Better management of water reduces utility bills, having a similar impact to energy-efficient items.


Green hotels and rentals also use non-toxic chemicals. These minimise the risk of employees or guests getting sick because of paints or insecticides or cleaning products, which is also another way for you to cut costs. This is on top of such products becoming cheaper by the day.


Going green is also a selling point. People are becoming more conscious of these things, more aware that this is important. An increasing number of individuals are looking for green accommodations when they travel, rather than just looking at ordinary places.


By being green, accommodations providers can tap into this growing market.


Becoming green can be a smart move. There’s potential profitability in it, the methods are sustainable, and the technology behind it is becoming more available – and reasonably-priced – each day.