How to properly clean your Windscreen

For every motorist, keeping the car’s Windscreen should be a priority. A dirty windshield can not only severely obstruct the view while driving but also make your car look filthy. What could be worse than driving through a smeared, dirty or a grubby Windscreen? However, keeping the windscreen is not as simple a task as it seems. There are a number of factors to look after such as the heat, the chemicals and oils, and other materials that can adhere to the windscreen, making it foggy and dirt stricken.

Here are some of the tips to properly clean your windscreen-

  • Always clean the outside first

Cleaning the outer glass of the windscreen makes it possible to see the insides, which makes it easier to clean the interiors. Additionally, before spraying any glass cleaner, make sure that the area beneath them gets cleaned as well.

  • Use a microfiber towel to clean

Using a paper towel or a scrunched up newspaper poses the risk of scratching the glass and leaving the residues on the windscreen. It is recommended to use the microfiber towel as they remove all residue and fluff from the screen and make it crystal clear.

  • Make sure to wipe the glass clean with straight vertical wipes

The best way to clean the windshield is by using microfiber rag in hand and extending the arm to the upper center of the windshield, bringing it straight down along the central vertical line of your windshield.

  • Cleaning the interiors

While cleaning the interior of the windshield, lay down some microfiber towels on your dashboard so that the glass cleaner does not drip on it.